Preorder for new Psychological Thriller is Available now!

Preorder for new Psychological Thriller is Available now!

Walls of Ainsley 001


So I am super excited about this novel. Why? It’s the first book I’ve done that has been more in my realm of genres. It is not a standalone. I know, Iknow…why did I have to make it two books? The answer is simple. It had to be. Brigham Ainsley is a complex character. As the title suggests, there are many walls (layers) to him that can’t be explored in just one go-around.

To help you understand, I’ll give you a little about the book to wet your appetite.

Who is Brigham? Well, he’s the son of the most famous mass-murderer known to mankind. You see, the Ainsley’s were always considered to be an odd family. Though they were rarely seen in public, their hometown of London, England respected them. Many years back, they decided to build an orphanage. The orphanage was a great success and often was filled to its full capacity. To the outside world, all seemed well. But, on the inside, things weren’t as they seemed.

Brigham was only 15 when his father snapped, killing every small child in his care, before turning his anger towards his family. Most believe that the father killed Brigham last before eventually killing himself. Others think Brigham was the one who went mad, killed himself and is now haunting the Manor. However, a select few believe the boy is still alive. Where is undetermined.

Scarlet White is a journalist, fresh out of college, looking for an article that will guarantee her spot in San Francisco’s most successful magazine company. She’s certain the horrific day at the Ainsley Manor will be just the story she needs. Not only is there little offered about the incident, but she believes the full story was never divulged. Determined to find the answers, she sets off to London. Almost immediately she is told to turn back, but Scarlet is a journalist, and she doesn’t back away from fear…especially when what is the source of that fear would set her up for the rest of her life.

The Manor hasn’t been visited in 13 years, but Scarlet plans on making herself at home. It isn’t long before she discovers which legend is true.


Book two is currently being plotted out. I’m even more excited about writing it, due to its darker nature about what all went on inside the Manor and with the son, Brigham. You won’t want to miss this!!!

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