Marilyn Faith

Marilyn Faith


About Marilyn


     Marilyn Faith loves to watch movies and goofs around with her husband, and three girls who keep her on her toes. She’s never without a pen and paper to jot down her ideas and thoughts.
     Self-publishing has opened the doors to her lifelong dream of being a published author. It helps her to bring life to the characters in her head, turning her passion for
writing into a reality. Marilyn is the author of The Prince of Highland Park, Bliss, and Rendered
     Speechless. Her hope is to captive her audience and continues to bring her stories to life. You can look forward to her upcoming novels.

Her Novels

Rendered Speechless

Renedered Speechless cover IMG_0454 (2)



He loves sex.
She is trying to avoid the male species.
He never cares who he sleeps with.
She is cautious.
Monogamy is a bad word to him.
Monogamy is what she wants.
With her mind saying one thing, and her body saying another, she finds herself wanting to know just what makes this sexy male the attraction women can’t resist.
Just when they thought they reached a common ground, both their pasts resurface, adding
complication to the mix of confusion.
Will they have what it takes to survive the storm brewing?




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