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27 May


Update for those who’ve preodered “Heart of Ainsley”

Well, folks…Amazon has done it again–making an author upset and not satisfied. My release “Heart of Ainsley” (book 2 of Walls of Ainsley) is set to deliver to those of you who’ve preordered, May 30th. And you will be getting it in your kindles, all snug and cozy…However, I was given a certain amount of time to upload my final edited version, went to do it a day before it was due, and they’d already locked me out. Early! Needless to say, I was in an all out panic.

Long story short…you will not be getting the right manuscript…probably only a third of it, (honestly, I’m not sure) and a very, very rough draft that acted as a placeholder until I wanted to upload the actual file.

So, for this, I truly and deeply apologize.

Good news? Yes…after I panicked and calmed down enough to think straight, I contacted Amazon and told them how they’d done you and me a disservice. And, although they won’t let me upload the right manuscript right now, they are going to re-send my updated one a couple days after release date to you.

If you don’t receive it 3-5 days after May 30th, please, please, please, email me/contact me on social media and I will personally send it to you.

Thanks for your understanding.


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