Exciting Announcement!

10 Feb

You’ve waited long enough!

No…really, you have. The sequel to Wall’s of Ainsley, a psychological thriller/suspense, is finally available for preorder at all your major retailers!!!

“Heart of Ainsley.” 

Those of you who’ve read Walls of Ainsley know that Brigham is an odd man, though dangerously good looking. He’s afraid to go outside, nervous around people he doesn’t know, likes to stick to a schedule, speaks with a posh British accent…and wait, he likes to listen to heartbeats? Well, not just anyone’s, of course…

Many in England felt that he was either dead or hiding somewhere to conceal what he’d done…or supposedly done–Killing his family and the orphans at Ainsley Manor thirteen years ago.

But, when Scarlet came along and made herself comfortable in his home, she saw a kind man. There’s no way he could have killed anyone, right?

You were left with many questions, and one intriguing, yet creepy ending…So what happens now? Who really is Brigham? What happened to him? And can he and Scarlet be together with everything going on in both of their lives?

It’s all in the sequel.


A little about the sequel:

He’d been accused of murdering the orphans and his family at just fifteen years old. For thirteen years, he’d successfully managed to hide away in his family home…until she showed up, bringing along a friend that would force Brigham into the world and out from behind the walls that concealed him. Now forced to deal with his past, Brigham is thrown into society…and it’s a cold one. He wanted to remember it all, what he’d done, but when the fog started to clear, he realized the darkness was where he needed to remain. But he can’t. They won’t allow him.
Scarlet is at a crossroads. Her future depended on the article she’d written about the Ainsley’s. The story would save her from her life back in Montana, but it would destroy the man she loved. To her dismay, these personal notes were turned in, and Brigham was discovered. The news of his existence spread like wildfire, and now the man she loves is spending his days in a psychiatric hospital while awaiting trial. Scarlet believes he’s innocent. The man she met six months ago was kind, though peculiar in his ways. He couldn’t possibly commit such horrid crimes. Could he? As Brigham and Scarlet are thrust into a new beginning, Scarlet starts to wonder if the reports are true.

Heart of Ainsley will be listed for $3.99. However, because my blogger followers are amazing, I’ve set the preorder price to only $0.99 for a limited time!

***For those who haven’t read book 1 (Walls of Ainsley) I’ve put it on sale as well for the same price!!!***



Barnes & Noble 

*Also available on iBooks.




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