Release Day for Walls of Ainsley 11/10/2016 A Thriller/Suspense

09 Nov
Release Day for Walls of Ainsley 11/10/2016 A Thriller/Suspense

Book lovers, Bloggers, Authors…I can’t tell you how excited I am to be releasing my third book. Most of you know that my first two novels were a romantic suspense, and although I loved writing them, I couldn’t wait to dabble in the thriller genre. Hence, Walls of Ainsley was born.

In doing so, I tried to stay true to myself…what I would want and like to read. Walls of Ainsley has a psychological element to it, mystery, some romance, and …other things (winkie face).

Questions Scarlet needs answered: Can you trust the son of a mass murderer, especially when others suspect him of the crimes? Did he commit them? Can she write her article when the family she’s writing about are all supposed to be dead?


What is Walls of Ainsley about?

Brigham Ainsley is the son of the most notorious mass murderer in Surrey, England. The Ainsleys built this orphanage decades ago. Considered odd and eccentric for their time, the family remained secluded, shutting out the world. It is believed Brigham’s father, Allister, finally snapped, killing the children and family at his mercy.

Scarlet, a fresh out of college journalist, knows there’s an untold story here and sets off to England to hopefully guarantee her career working for the top magazine company located in San Francisco. It isn’t long before the locals tell her to turn around. They say Brigham could still be alive—or he’s dead and haunts the place. It isn’t long before Scarlet finds out which story is true.

***Note from Author: Contains cliffhanger.***


How about an excerpt?


     He took a step toward her. “I need to show you something, and you have to promise not to tell Todd or Martha.”
     Scarlet looked up. Hope flickered inside, but she was also slightly afraid. “What is it?”
     “Follow me.”
     “Uh, I’m not sure that’s—”
     “Whatever it is you think you know about me, please don’t dwell on it at this moment. I need to show you something.”
     They walked down the dark endless halls until they came to an old pantry filled with jars of dried beans, noodles, and spices covered in thick layers of dust and cobwebs.
     “What is this? What’s in here?” she asked.
     “Not what’s in here…but what’s through here.” He took out a key and unlocked a secret door.
     “It’s dark. Is this the basement?”
     “No,” he said and flipped a switch on the inside wall. Light flooded the small hidden room, revealing a set of stairs. “Please, come see.”
     She had no reason to trust him and he had no reason to trust her.
     Bretta trotted around the corner and brushed up against Brigham before turning to Scarlet.
     She scratched Bretta’s ears and felt the unease knotting in her belly loosen. “Okay. Just for a bit.”
     The tension in Brigham’s face, his shoulders relaxed, and he nodded.
     He took the first step down, and Bretta followed.
     When his feet touched the cement floor, he turned and looked at Scarlet still standing at the top of the stairs. “What is it?”
     “I just—”
     “I won’t hurt you, Scarlet.”
     And I want to believe that, but how? She shook her head, sighed, and took a step down. It took a while, but she eventually made it.
     She reached the bottom and took in the cement floor and walls made of stone. It’s a whole other building down here. Evidence of his inherited wealth. “What is this place?” Awestruck by the enormity of the space, even if it was old and dirty, Scarlet thought of the magazine and her article. There is so much more to this place than anyone realizes.
     “The manor was built on top of this building by my great-grandparents. Their grandparents, as well as their mother and father, all lived down here before them. They never strayed beyond these walls.”
     “Like something kept them here,” she whispered, more to herself than Brigham. “So, your great-great-grandparents lived here first?”
     “That is correct.”
     She turned to him with furrowed brows. “It’s underground.”
     “They were…introverts.”
     “Like you?”
     As if she hadn’t said a word and introverts somehow explained the eccentricities of his entire family, Brigham replied with the last answer Scarlet expected. “My family believed they could change the world by raising unwanted children and then sending them out in society hoping they’d make it a better place.”
     Her eyes lit up. She was fascinated and couldn’t help herself as the reporter in her kicked into gear. “You mean, like, a spiritual movement?”
     He cocked his head to one side. “They weren’t trying to be like Jesus. They were merely trying not to be like mankind.”

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Is he who he says he is?




Is This the End?


Absolutely not! Not when Brigham is so complex. Book One gives us just a taste of who his family was. Long story short…they were INSANE. But what does living with a family who kept themselves from society do to a child they brought into their world? Who really is Brigham Allister Ainsley? Do we really meet his true self? How does Scarlet fare in all of this?

***You’ll have to stay tuned for book 2 to find out…I’m hoping to have it out by end of January, beginning of Feb. 2017.

Yes, this book has a cliffhanger, but I’ve been told by several people that they loved it 🙂 Go on, grab Walls of Ainsley. You’ll be curious to know what happens in the Sequel. I know I am…


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