Cover Reveal for Walls of Ainsley

13 Jul
Cover Reveal for Walls of Ainsley


Walls of Ainsley 001

Introducing my cover for Walls of Ainsley – a Psychological Romantic Thriller.

A little about this novel:

Brigham Allister Ainsley is the child of the Ainsley’s who began a successful orphanage decades ago in London, England. One night, tragedy struck when all the children, including the family, were murdered. It is believed that all were killed by the father, Allister. However, when recent graduate, Scarlet White, goes to London to write an article on the deceased family for a chance to work at the most prestigious magazine company in San Francisco, she hears talk about the son, Brigham, actually being the one who snapped that fatal night. Others believe he killed everyone and escaped. She’s even more sure of her getting her dream job. After sneaking in the Manor, she quickly falls for the owner’s nephew, Eddie. As time goes on, however, she learns there is more to the story of the Ainsley’s than anyone knows.

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