09 May

New Series 2016


I cannot believe I am starting my 3rd book and a trilogy at that! What genre might you ask? Where my first two are standalone and are romantic suspense, this one will be the first in the . . . Drumroll . . . “Walls of Ainsley” series, and it will be a Psychological Romance. 

It will be darker and more emotionally charged for those of you, like me, who love getting into the minds of a sexy, yet a little disturbed, man. Nothing a woman can’t fix, right?!

I’m having so much fun with this series and cannot wait to share it with you all! More details to come . . . 




Have you heard of my other two novels? No? I can fix that.

Through the Fog

*On sale for a limited time at all your major ebook retailers




What’s this book about? It starts off with a nurse from New York, Adalind, who is sent to England on a special assignment. This assignment was at the request of a Butler, who is desperate for the right person to care for the Duke of Warlington: Evan Jacob Frederick. 

What’s the problem? The Duke has been showing signs of waking from a 2-month long coma. He’s had nurses, but they are not doing their jobs. Someone seems to be interfering with the Duke’s progress and doesn’t want him to wake up. 

When Adalind arrives, she finds more than what she bargained for. One, the Duke wasn’t what she expected. He’s beyond attractive; making taking care of him in a professional way near impossible. Two, the Duke’s Butler was right. He’s been grossly neglected. There’re no charts of his progress and so she has no clue what’s all been done to him, though nothing seems like it was done at all. Has he really been trying to wake up, or is the Butler wishful thinking?

It doesn’t stop there. Lying becomes a part of her job. She knows a secret-One that could break the Duke’s heart and ruin his progress. Should she tell him, risking his progress? Or should she keep it quiet until she knows for sure his mental health is in the clear?

Her attraction for him keeps getting in the way, but she’s determined to not let that affect her job. 

*A note: This is not a regency novel. It is a modern-day story. 

Want to find out what happens to the Duke? Want to know what the secret is that Adalind has to keep . . . the one that she knows will break his heart? Find out below:


The Heart’s Shrapnel


The Heart's Shrapnel 004

$1.99 on Pre-order introductory price


This romantic suspense standalone is available for pre-order now! Phillip McClintock is currently serving as a Sergeant in the United States Army. But he’s hiding a secret that no one, other than his close friends, can know. And this secret . . . it’s personal. But, one problem turns into the next in this romantic suspense. His job can be dangerous. He has the scars to prove it. Which is exactly why he doesn’t want this beauty, a surgeon’s assistant, to get too close to him. Problem? He can’t seem to stay away from her.
Jane Summers set out to Germany as a volunteer for the Army hospital. She’s excited about the extra hands-on training. But, trouble arises when she falls for, Phillip, the sexy soldier that spells danger. After her Ex, Kevin, she swore never to get involved with another soldier again. However, there’s something about Phillip that she finds herself being drawn to.
Will she give in to what her heart wants, or will she learn from past experiences? As these two start to grapple with their feeling for each other, the world around them begins to unravel. Can they both set aside the past to have a future…one with each other?


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