Ebook Sale for a Limited Time!

28 Apr

My 2nd novel, “The Heart’s Shrapnel” is available for pre-order now at only $1.99. In celebration of this, “Through the Fog” can be purchased for only $0.99. This offer won’t last long.

These are both standalone’s from the same series: Love Revived. Both are a romantic suspense.

~ The Heart’s Shrapnel takes you into the mind of a soldier with a secret. Only two other people are privileged with what it is. Phillip McClintock tries his best to stay focused, but when a beautiful surgeon’s assistant arrives on post, it seems impossible. Distracted is not a luxury he can afford. He’s on a mission. One that could get him killed if the wrong person found out.

~ Through the Fog follows a nurse from Queens, NY to England on an assignment, a personal request from the hospital she works at. Her request? To take care of the Handsome Duke of Warlington. He is showing signs of awakening from a 2 month coma. When she arrives, she quickly learns that nothing is as it seems. The previous nurses had neglected him. She has no medical charts to go off of. It seems that someone doesn’t want Evan Jacob Frederick to wake up. And she was going to find out who.

As things start to unravel she finds herself having to lie to the one man she swore she wouldn’t fall for. This secret could ruin everything, including their budding relationship and the recovery of the Duke.





Through the Fog on Amazon

The Heart’s Shrapnel on Amazon (Pre-order)

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