Through the Fog Release Date!

08 Dec

Through the Fog


Today is the day! I thought it would never get here. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a passion for writing. There are stories upon stories in my head that I want to tell, and with time I hope to accomplish this.

My grandmother believed in me. Before she passed away over ten years ago, her and I would always talk about the things I wanted to do with my life and what she wanted for me. Of course, I am usually so quick to say I can’t do something, but I finally did. That is why I’ve dedicated this book to her which you will see in the paperback addition that will be out soon.

Until then, you can purchase it for download on these sites and a few others where ebooks are sold!

“Through the Fog,” is a Romantic Suspense novel and is a standalone. Eventually it will be a part of a series (I just need to think of a series title name. There are so many possibilities!)

Thank you to those in advance who take the time to read this book. You rock!

Kobe ebook

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Adalind Carter finds herself in search of a new nursing assignment. She finally gets her wish when given an opportunity to travel to England for the private care of Evan Jacob Frederick, the Duke of Warlington, who is showing signs of awakening from a two month long coma. Upon accepting the position, it doesn’t take long for her to discover just how little she knows about any of it…


While caring for the Duke, she discovers that someone doesn’t want her to see to the proper care of this man. In fact, there are no records, no nurses, and no help. If only that were the worst of it…


Lying quickly becomes part of her job description, but falling for him wasn’t. She knows something that could shatter his world, but telling him the truth could break his heart. Can she do as she is asked and keep this secret from him–one that she knows will be devastating? And can she provide the care he needs without giving into her desires? …Only time will tell.

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