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Copyrighting Your Novel

Copyrighting Your Novel

Yes, I’ve always known that it was the smart route to get your work copyrighted. But, when is the best time and where do you go that is legit?

Well, it just makes sense that you would go to the root source…that of which you live. I’m in the US, therefore, I need to go to:

I found an amazing article that also includes steps needed to copyright; also, submitting your copyright to other countries:

This article includes commonly asked questions. For instance, “Do I have to send in my work? Do I get it back?” “Do I have to use my real name on the form?” “Will my personal information be available to the public?” Great questions, right?! *You can find that article here:

I hope this helps those of you who are ready to copyright, but have some questions and concerns.


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Jimmy Fallon #hashtags…just for fun

I’ve been neglecting my ‘this and that’ blog…Here’s some Jimmy Fallon…

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Self Editing tips :)

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