Contemplating Kinks

27 Jun

I’m not into erotica that focuses just on Kink. I need a love story. I need conflict. When an author I like puts something different (new kink) it doesn’t turn me off of the book or author…as long as there’s also a story involved. If you like something and feel others might not want to read it…write it in anyway! You never know. My next book will be darker than the book I’m currently writing. It will have more of a psychological base with my lead male character. I recently told someone I trust about what he’ll be like; his past and his current mentality…she thought it was a bit ‘disturbed’ and ‘weird.’ I’ll take it! There’s so much romance and erotica out there that is the same and everyone now and again…we need something that will shock our readers. Right?!

What I Write

I recently wrote an erotica story about hypnosis/mind-control, where the female of the story was enthralled by the man’s control. Personally, I thought the story was pretty hot, but a friend pointed out to me that some people would be turned off by it. It’s a valid point, although I think it brings up a wider question of what audience I’m writing for.

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