Why Writers Hate Editing and What We Can Do About It

02 Jun

I’m glad I looked into this. I too wanted to aspire to be like my favorite authors. My work seems to sound foreign to me. But, like Susan Bell says in her book “The Artful Edit”, that can be a good thing! If it doesn’t sound familiar, then it is honest work. So, I’m hoping that I’m just coming into my own. Even though my work is turning out to be something that I didn’t originally intend, it’s blossoming into something else. Great reference, Jennifer Armstrong.

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

I actually like editing. I find it soothing to impose order on chaos. But editing is also an easy step to skip over. I mean, you wrote. It’s written. Why not just post the thing or send it out or whatever? Right?

No! Editing is when the magic happens. It’s the reason great writers are great writers. They don’t necessarily write beautiful first drafts. They get the basics down. Then they revise, revise, revise, until it really sparkles.

You don’t have to make a big production out of this. Here are some really simple ways to make your drafts better:

1. Print out what you’ve got. There’s something about seeing something in physical form that helps you spot what’s not quite right. Maybe do it in a different font from the one you used to write it. Now take it somewhere pleasant—outside, a cafe, wherever—and read it over, marking your…

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One response to “Why Writers Hate Editing and What We Can Do About It

  1. L.D. Parker

    June 2, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    These were all great points esp reading aloud. Our minds quite often skip over mistakes when reading offscreen.

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