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Outlines or Going with the Flow?

Outlines or Going with the Flow?

I started out thinking an outline would be the best way to handle writing a novel, because there is usually so much going on. Then as time went on, I found myself going to other places in my mind and not sticking to my notes. Although that is completely okay to do, because new ideas form, you have to be careful that you remember all the twists and turns; after all, they will come into play later into your novel (at least they should). The hard part? Remembering what you changed and what you added…at least it is for some of us.

What about you? How do you handle adding new ideas and trying to make it all come into play throughout your work? Do you just go with the flow, keep writing, and worry about it later? Or, do you take extensive notes when a new idea pops into your head?


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Contemplating Kinks

I’m not into erotica that focuses just on Kink. I need a love story. I need conflict. When an author I like puts something different (new kink) it doesn’t turn me off of the book or author…as long as there’s also a story involved. If you like something and feel others might not want to read it…write it in anyway! You never know. My next book will be darker than the book I’m currently writing. It will have more of a psychological base with my lead male character. I recently told someone I trust about what he’ll be like; his past and his current mentality…she thought it was a bit ‘disturbed’ and ‘weird.’ I’ll take it! There’s so much romance and erotica out there that is the same and everyone now and again…we need something that will shock our readers. Right?!

What I Write

I recently wrote an erotica story about hypnosis/mind-control, where the female of the story was enthralled by the man’s control. Personally, I thought the story was pretty hot, but a friend pointed out to me that some people would be turned off by it. It’s a valid point, although I think it brings up a wider question of what audience I’m writing for.

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Adult Romance Anyone?

Are you keen on reading/writing adult romance? Follow me so I can follow you:) I look forward to hearing about what you expect out of this type of writing style; what you desire.

I have read adult romance books more times than I can count. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not into reading/writing books that are strictly about the raunch. I like love stories that include some spiciness. After all, is it really a story without a story? Not in my book!…Get it?!

I like books that make you think…make you feel…and make you crave. As my website is properly named (currently under construction) Fantasy is Therapy! I’m a firm believer in that our minds need a distraction from the daily woes of life. Maybe I escape into mine too much? Nah!

I’d love to hear from those of you about what makes a book saucy to you, but also keeps you interested in the character’s love life…or how you like to go about a romance novel.

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Professional Book Covers?

Okay, so there are many places it seems that one can go and snatch up a book cover. But, I don’t simply want to ‘snatch’ one up as if I’m just going fishing. I want it to represent my novel and my characters…and me.

You’ll hear the words uttered, “Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover.” Well, that’s easier said than done…in an ideal world, and simply is a load of crap! Yes, there are many books that I’ve read that were fantastic reads that didn’t have a great cover. But, usually they were books that I either stumbled upon, was suggested to by a friend, or was really bored and wanted something to read. And honestly, I’m tired of scanning through ebooks that have the same cover, but different stories.

Truth is, I tend to look at the cover as a preview of what I’m sampling. I don’t like that I do this…but I do. And since I do…I know that many other’s do as well.

What about you? Feel the same? What book-cover sites have you enjoyed?


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Why Author Blogging: How to Attract a Crowd and Sell More Books

Why Author Blogging: How to Attract a Crowd and Sell More Books

These are some good steps to follow when you are learning how to expand your self-publishing business. I am writing my first novel and feel a little all over the place sometimes. It’s enough just trying to finish my first novel. But, truth is…that’s not where it stops. I’m only getting started. If you are like me and need some help, this is a great article to look into. I’m sure you will find it beneficial as I have.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

So, I’ve heard differing opinions about whether or not to write a book in 1st person and only from the main characters perspective. Some hate when you write it from just the woman’s standpoint or just the man’s. What do you think? Have an opinion?

Personally, I think it depends on the book and what you are trying to get out of it. Many times I’m curious about the main guy in a love story, but other times there is just something so sexy about him having some mystery left to him…could just be me who feels that way, but somehow I think not…

🙂 Hope you all are having a great day.


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What’s an Independent Author?

I love reading blogs like this as it helps to encourage me to keep on going with my independent writing. Thanks!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

You might’ve heard these terms: Independent Author, Self-Published Author, Indie Author. You might’ve even heard some say it with a sneer and others with a cringe. You might’ve read some mean spirited articles putting down self-publishing. And others more optimistic saying that it’s changing the face of the publishing industry. There you are, in the middle of the bookstore, with an overload of contradictory information, not sure if you should buy that book by an ‘indie’ or run the opposite direction.

As an indie author I can tell you that you don’t have to fear us: Independent authors are simply writers who are also entrepreneurs. We are people who have decided to take control of our own publishing needs. While traditionally published authors seek a publishing house to take their manuscript, they rarely have any input over the final product. We independents have control over the whole process. From…

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